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Welcome to Psyburg.org

We're looking for volunteers and help, big or small.

We're looking for people to donate their time, lend or donate equipment. Even an extra chair or an extension cord would help. :)

Right now we're especially looking for Djs just happy to play, and people who want to help decorate.

And please see our 2017 goals to the right. (or below on mobile)

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About Psyburg

Somehow, we as humans lost our tribal roots and are now left in isolation and distrust amongst each other. We have almost lost our root memory of bliss, the divine ecstasy without which we miss the warmth of love that nurtures our soul. But once upon a time we all have lived in tribes and danced in circles, all around planet earth.

Help us create an experience. A collective state of bodily transcendence, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms.

Location: TBD

Somewhere between the Lakes Region, and the White Mountains. 40 minutes North of Portland Maine. OR right near Kittery.

If you can help,

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Drugs and Alcohol

We plan on growing into a 'church' or similar sustainable organization. We want to be family friendly, and on good terms with the law. So...

  • Hard drugs are discouraged.
  • Alcohol so far is BYOB.
  • Smoking whatever, is like everywhere else, outside

Here's what we're going for.

(on a smaller scale of course)